Quarter page display – annual subscription



Quarter page advertisement from your artwork

Content can be changed each month. Telephone, email and website links can be added where possible.

Quarter page: 4 options:

(1) 138mm x 92.5mm, to fit text area

(2) Bottom left or bottom right, image can be bled, visible size 148mm x 102.5mm

(3) 69mm x 190mm, to fit text area

(4) at foot of the page 79mm x 210mm and image can be with bleed at left, right and foot

The cost is for a year’s subscription. Your advertisement will be on the web site for 12 months and will appear in 10 issues of the Sundridge Village News. there are two issues that are combined issues, December – January and the June = July Issue

You may submit dates for special events during the subscription year t0 be added to the event Calendar on the web site